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Teqniqal Systems provides professional consultation and design services to clients who are upgrading, renovating, or planning production spaces.

Introducing . . . exactly what you had in mind:
Our theatre consulting and design expertise comes from years of practical performing arts experience that is balanced with an extensive knowledge of technical systems and construction processes. Our customers’ needs and applications are unique – and so are our solutions. Basing our designs in the most innovative and cost effective technology, we tailor our facilities and system designs to your particular (and maybe even peculiar) needs. Once you tell us what issues to address, we brainstorm the best and most creative ideas and offer tools to make those ideas come to life.

Teqniqal Systems can help you because we are versatile:
We know firsthand that planning, foresight, and knowledge are paramount to a project’s success — whether you are building state of the art facilities or breathing new life into existing ones.

Give us a call. Our experienced and friendly staff enjoys discussing safety, sound, lights, or just plain shop-talk.

For more information, please Contact Us or visit The Theatre Safety Blog or our issuu, or Scribd portals.

Consultants Specializing in Performing Arts Technology and Safety
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