Teqniqal Systems provides an extensive array of consulting services to suit almost any project need:

When it comes to renovation projects, we can perform an initial thorough evaluation of your facilities’ equipment, assess operating staff knowledge and experience, and review the site specific conditions of your venue. We then present our findings in a report that you can share with your staff, development team, and project architect. Our recommendations can be helpful in planning the next step of your project.

  • Technology Systems Evaluation
  • Architecture for the Arts
  • Operational Safety
  • Facility Safety
  • Acoustical & Noise Control

For all facilities, planning involves the creation, documentation, and revision of budgets, goals, operating scenarios, and growth projections. We can help you find where you are going and, perhaps more importantly, where you want to be.

  • Site Orientation and Appropriateness
  • Technology Systems
  • Architectural Space Planning
  • Sightline Studies & Seating Layouts
  • Specialty Millwork
  • Catwalks, Follow Spotlight Decks & Access Ways
  • Production Systems Power
  • Staging & Dance Floors
  • Color Consulting
  • Dressing & Make-Up Room Accommodations
  • Shop Layout and Tool Systems
  • Safety Systems Coordination

Don’t allow noise to ‘cover-up’ your performances. It is the subtle nuances of tone and voice that communicate emotive energy to the audience. When buried by the rumble of air handling equipment, petite voices and pianissimo instruments are lost. Audiences many times miss the details of a performance due to poor mechanical systems designs.

  • Machinery Isolation
  • Plumbing Isolation
  • HVAC Equipment & Systems
  • Electrical Equipment & Systems
  • Room-to-Room Isolation

Defining how the sound energy will reflect and dissipate in a space is part science, part art. When designed correctly, it allows both the performer and audience to connect and enjoy each others presence. Harsh echoes and disproportionate energy decays fight with the performer’s efforts to communicate song and story. All the sound systems in the world can’t fix a bad room. You have to start with the basic physics of the room and strive to help the natural dispersion of sound.

  • Room & Surface Shaping
  • Reverberation Control
  • Adjustable Acoustics
  • Electronic Acoustical Enhancement

Consultants Specializing in Performing Arts Technology and Safety
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