Systems Design

Whether the facility currently exists or is on the horizon, building systems and technical systems must be designed to work with each other to ensure optimized functionality. Our coordinated and cooperative approaches to design yield better efficiency from your materials, designers, and budgets. We can provide assessment, planning, design, and training services for the following types of systems:

Few things effect a theatre facility’s success more than its ability to support audio programming.

  • Sound Reinforcement for Live Shows & Media Playback
  • Multichannel Cinema Sound Playback
  • Stage Monitoring & Foldback
  • Sound Recording & Editing
  • Special Effects Audio
  • Wireless Microphones & In-Ear Monitors
  • Backstage Communications
  • Assistive Listening Systems (IR, RF, & Loop)
  • Production Intercoms


Customized coordinated control systems for integration of multiple systems:

  • Audio/Visual Presentation Systems
  • Stage Machinery & Hoist Automation
  • Lighting & Energy Management
  • Robotic Video Cameras
  • User Interface Design
  • Safety Interlocks


Specifications for complete stage “rags”:

  • House Curtains & Grand Drapes
  • Stage Masking “Blacks” (Legs, Borders)
  • Cycloramas & Scrims (Tension Frames, Drop, & Roll-up)
  • Track Systems
  • Gym / Arena Dividing Curtains
  • Adjustable Acoustical Elements
  • Projection Surfaces
  • Manual & Motorized Track Systems
  • Storage Hampers & Accessories

Stage Lighting

Illumination is both Art and Science. Dimming, Distribution, and Control are project specific. There are no cookie-cutter solutions here:

  • Theatrical Lighting & Dimming
  • Architectural Lighting & Dimming
  • Specialty Task Illumination for Theatrical Workspaces
  • Illumination of Color Sensitive Work Spaces
  • Control Systems and Control Distribution Networks


Motorized and counter-weighted rigging systems for every application:

  • Counterweight & Motorized Stage Hoists
  • Scoreboard, Chandelier, Speaker, & Display Hoists
  • Acoustical Banner and Drapery Hoists
  • Fire Curtains & Smoke Vents
  • Point Hoists

Stage Planning

Mechanized solutions for the following areas:

  • Orchestra Shells
  • Orchestras Pit Lifts
  • Stage Traps
  • Turntables & Scenery Wagons
  • Movable Masking Panels
  • Seat Wagons
  • Portable Staging & Seating


“I’m not going to take it any more!” (Bad images, that is.) Image quality is affected by everything in the video chain. Sources, processors, wiring, and display technologies are all critical to the final picture. How can we help your next “1,000 words”?

  • Image Capture and Storage
  • Real-Time and Non-Linear Editing
  • Switching, Routing, Streaming
  • Digital Signage
  • Projection Systems
  • Large Scale Displays & Video Walls

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