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As Theater Consultants, we are many things to many people. When engaging a project, we consider ourselves charged with making the performance space — and all the systems in it — work together as a homogeneous unit.

We do this by identifying your goals and any project constraints to facilitate helping you make the best design decisions early, and along the way. In short, we support you by undertaking the careful balancing-act of coordinating and satisfying the competing interests of architecture, art, construction, and engineering.

In regards to quality, our standards insist upon practical, safe, and functional systems; and we are accountable to those who will have to operate and maintain the facility and those systems.

Background: Over thirty years of blood, sweat, and spears

Both academic knowledge and real-world experience in theater systems are fundamental necessities in completing a project on time and on budget. A Theater Consultant’s background should be complete and varied, such as:

  • “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.”
    We have firsthand knowledge of installation issues and the mechanics of construction, enabling us to leverage a practical perspective on the challenges that contractors face during critical construction planning decisions.
  • We have experience with the design, construction mounting, run, and strike of shows.
    This provides us with a logistical understanding of equipment and personnel movement throughout the show production plant.
  • “All the world’s a stage” . . . and we’ve worked in it.
    Our experience of production work outside of the typical theater setting is what helps make us unique. Amongst other settings, we have worked and designed projects in arenas, classrooms, courtrooms, gymnasiums, and religious facilities. We are successful in these venues because they all have one thing in common: The presenter needs to engage the audience completely.
  • At Teqniqal, we know the ‘big picture’ is more than a large screen TV.
    As Theater Consultants, it is imperative that we understand the how’s and why’s of various technical systems and balance the effects they have upon each other. A broad knowledge of each system, whether it be Acoustical, Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, or other Theater Production system, is vital. We know from experience that, when closely coordinated to work together, these systems create a theatre that is a good workspace. If designed in isolation, however, dysfunctional systems result in dysfunctional buildings that frustrate their users.

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